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Tuesday, August 08, 2006
Not in the fiscal sense, mind you. I am referring to the cheapening of the overall experience. Suppose for a minute that a burgeoning, youthful population of voters were to subscribe the nonsense that is Cynthia McKinney (D-GA, made up district). The 4th Congressional District is only about %53 African-American (which in this case has no bearing; it's a statistic) but the main point being is that they hired a thug to do their bidding for them. With a career filled with as much controversy and guilt as The Swimmer's conscience, McKinney needs to go.

With the Primary today in Georgia, Connecticut, Missouri and Colorado I would love to see McKinney lose her job. Paid thugs in the US government, that's rich. I would not mind seeing Hank Johnson take her position and prove that a) No, Cynthia it wasn't the Republicans who are to blame for your lack of votes and b) No, Cynthia your dad was wrong, it wasn't the "J-E-W-S" either.

Awesome search find of the day: Click Here! MtN couldn't make this stuff up!

Either way this is a really classy lady. No, really! Let's get the real bigots out of politics...one at a time. Do the right thing 4th! Think really hard America (well, it shouldn't be that tough) the 4th is experiencing what it would be like if Cindy Sheehan were to take office...anywhere, I don't care if it is at Staples as a toilet-cleaner.

*Edit: It looks as if the 4th has done the right thing, congratulations. I am pleased with the turnout as Hank Johnson received %59 of the vote and surpassed McKinney by 11,000 votes. No doubt in my mind there will be controversy surrounding the elections in that McKinney will bitch and moan about how the voting machines are at fault. Why is it so simple to make these predictions? When you are a scumbag, it's fairly easy to tell what you are going to do next.

**Edit: Gee, what a freakin' surprise. What a dummy.


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