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Thursday, August 31, 2006
I haven't blogged in a while. I am sorry to come at you with paltry news, but here it goes:

Some lady named Cindy Sheehan was going to have a protest, but had to put it on hold because of some unpaid traffic ticket involving her following too close to another vehicle. She gave the fine to a "friend" to pay for her who subsequently shit the bed on the deal and now this lady is in the news again with two warrants; one for following too close and one for not appearing. The epitome of responsibility...really classy.

An excuse for not showing includes a hospitalization for a hysterectomy; a procedure in which some or all of the uterus is removed. Sometimes portions of the ovaries and or cervix are removed. This means that this lady's reproductive organs were rendered useless. Glad she made it...why? For the same reason I don't feel guilty about giving a homeless guy a dollar (I know exactly what it's for).


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