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Friday, September 08, 2006
While it is acceptable for liberally slanted television shows to air, the moment a leftist screams and cries that there may be a conservative slant to a show the result is a crappy scandal.

In this case it is the 9/11 mini-series to air this Sunday and Monday on ABC. It is called: "The Path to 9/11" and is supposed to describe the events leading up to 9/11. It will be interesting to watch, but I don't know how accurate it will or won't be. It would seem logical to include such facts as President Bill Clinton denying extradition orders no less than three times for the elusive Osama bin Laden and how his fray with an intern may or may not have had his priorities elsewhere. Perhaps the Sudan was a Wag the Dog scenario? Who knows?

At any rate, even some of the "stars" of the TV show are now whining about it. The one that gets me the most is one Harvey Keitel. He "stars" in the TV drama, but never once questioned the motivations of the writers and or producer until it became a scandal and some democrats challenged the legitimacy of information in the film? I am calling BS on that one, Harv. Follower. This guy must really be hurting for work if he has to stump for populist attitudes.

If ABC folds like the Buffalo Bills in the Super Bowl and decide to pull the series altogether, I would probably be upset as many of the people surrounding the series are. All the work and money put into it, gone? Perhaps people can buy it on DVD if they really want to see it. The point remains that liberal tripe such as morbidly obese Michael Moore's crapfest "Fahrenheit 9/11" can air why not an innocuous drama? Liberals are never really that connected with the truth, maybe that's why they want it yanked like the People's President's crank in the Oval Office. Suck it up and come up with a counter to it! Oh, well, I guess The West Wing qualifies.

I do think that Keitel did have some decent logic at work when he said it needs to be factual. I think that it truly should be unbiased and truth-ridden. I hope that ABC makes it so and the liberal whiners shut the hell up about it and watch it in their donkey pajamas on Sunday and Monday. Or, the converse should be looked at: don't watch it, you still have the power to change channels I hope. Due to all of the scandalous print this is getting, those who never would have given the film a second glance over other programs may have their interest peaked now. Nice moves critics, nice moves. Onward I say!


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