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Monday, September 25, 2006

Omar al-Farouq alleged leader of al-Qaida's Southeast Asia operations was killed by British troops today after he opened fire on them. Good. Another terrorist down. This dirtbag escaped from a max-security prison a while back and has been on the lam ever since.
"My husband was kidnapped by America but they never officially told us ... for more than three years," Mira Agustina said then. "I don't believe that my husband was a terrorist. He is only an ordinary man who cried when he watched movies about violence."
If not believing that entering flight school just to comandeer an aircraft to ram into buildings, going through three years of intense terrorist training or plotting to hijack trucks to blow up in suicide missions is benign, then this woman is plain dumb. Really? He cried? That was probably anger coming out in that he was not the one conducting said violent actions against "infidels".

Being that Mira, her two daughters and the late Mr. al-Farouq went to the United States "to work", then Mira may be collecting on some sort of jihadist life insurance. That being said, I heard that there is a bridge in Brooklyn for sale; again, I will gladly broker the deal.


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