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Tuesday, September 19, 2006
Adam Gadahn (another example of "American Taliban") is eluding capture apparently in the hills of Pakistan somewhere. This would be the region (South Warziristan) in which Pakistani troops are not allowed to engage enemy due to a "peace agreement". This means that the militant tribal asshats in the region have relative autonomy to shelter terrorists. Nice work Pakistan; way to stay strong. Allegedly this kid reports to Ayman al-Zawahiri, the number two in "command" of Al-Qaeda.

Check out this idiot's picture! Of course I am referring to the one in the lower-left corner. Tell me this kid didn't buy into the whole pop culture "black is in" bullshit and play a bit of the D&D. Ayman will be no doubt pissed when the pictures air of this asshole's capture revealing that he was wearing a guild t-shirt of some kind. Guaranteed that when (this is no question whatsoever) they catch this dolt he will have at least 3 20-sided die in his man-jammies.

Because of his role in providing material support to terrorism, I hope this kid is captured and subsequently served a healthy pile of justice...by the SF cats that catch him, the MP's in the cage when he is turned over, the guards at Guantanamo Bay and finally the DOJ where he will hopefully rot in a cell for the rest of his demented life. Scumbag.


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