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Sunday, September 24, 2006
After being wounded in Iraq by a roadside bomb, Purple Heart recipient Darrell Anderson is returning home to the US.
"I decided that I've got to go back and get this over with once and for all, instead of living in limbo up here forever,"
I am pretty sure that means that Johnny Law caught up with him and it wasn't a conscious decision. He left over two years ago, married a Canadian woman and was supported by the Queen Nut, Cindy Sheehan; he didn't plan on coming back.

Apparently his lawyer didn't file the paperwork in time to qualify the deserter as a refugee so now he has to come back...Canada doesn't want him. What's more:
"I just decided that I've got to face my demons, put on my uniform, and go back and tell the Army that I don't want to participate in this war," he said. "I feel like I have to tell them face-to-face; I have to make my stand once and for all."
You didn't decide...you have no choice dummy. You disgrace the uniform that you wish to put back on...just wear your "AWOL" t-shirt tough-guy and see how far that will get with the good graces of the UCMJ. May you spend the rest of your life in prison...Private.

Hat Tip: Canadian Blue Lemons


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