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Friday, September 22, 2006
Although flag burning is in fact protected by the First Amendment, this guy is a dummy. Probably some common sense should have been used here...go outside and do your flag burning demo you idiot.

While I can't agree with actually even doing this [in the classroom] and impressioning young minds with this garbage, I don't think that's the issue. Flag burning will always happen, but I think that the following is the more important issue:
"In social studies on Friday Mr. Holden took a lighter to the America (sic) flag and he burned it to get a reaction from us. Then he told us to go for homework ask are (sic) parents what they thought."
Holden "walked in and grabbed a lighter and the flag and caught the flag on fire then told us to right (sic) down what we thought so we did. Then he told us to go home and tell are (sic) parents and wright (sic) down what they said. Then class was over."
"Mr. Holden was doing an experiment and wanted us to wright (sic) actual fillings (sic) of how we felt of him burning the flag. So it was just a little social studys (sic) activity."
Look at the grammar of these stupid students! Screw the flag burning incident, these kids are lacking any sort of fundamental education! Get on the ball down in Kentucky for God's sake! Teach the kids something they can use for the rest of their life, not just their rebellion and or revolutionary phase. Get real.


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