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Tuesday, September 26, 2006
I tell you reader(s), I was surfing last night on my less-than-Comtastic channels and stumbled upon a movie called "Armegeddon". What a good premise: a bunch of roughnecks are hired to go and drill 800 feet into a rogue "global killer" comet bound to destroy humanity and blow it up with a nuclear bomb. One problem: Ben Affleck is in it. Still recovering from his shoddy "acting" in "Pearl Harbor", "Good Will Hunting", "Gigli" (you get the picture) I was filled with terror and disgust all over again.

Honestly, Ben Affleck a roughneck? No. Buscemi was a stretch, but Affleck?! At any rate, I tried in earnest to like the movie despite the downfall that is Ben. When push comes to shove at the very end of the film I was a bit disappointed in all the whining and crybaby rubbish flying about in space. Then to top off my crapfest sundae, Affleck pulls a Knievel over the "grand canyon" of the comet. Doubtful. I still do and will always see Affleck as Will Hunting's semi-retarded sidekick in "Good Will Hunting" (great movie, but don't get me started on Matt "Slumber party at Howard Zinn's house; hate America theme" Damon).

Really fellas? Zinn is your "Zen master"? That's a bit corny...that turd makes Chomsky look like the Pope. I can't believe these idiots get paid to spread the word of Socialism. Political ideologies based on political genocide...classy fellas, really classy. That's alright though...why? Because James Beswick over at "The Campaign to Stop Ben Affleck" has a great idea. Take a look at his site for a funny look at things. Pay close attention to the irony pointed out in the subtitle of the picture showing Affleck at the "actor's" studio. Nice work James.


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