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Saturday, September 23, 2006
Nicolas Maduro was detained by officials as he was trying to fly back to Venezuela on Saturday. You see, Nick "what do you mean I have to have a ticket?" Maduro showed up to the airport without his airline ticket. Therefore, he is an idiot; a Venezuelan idiot.

Of course the head idiot of the country Hugo Chavez told everyone who would listen that his foreign Minister [Maduro] was harassed and held on account of his alleged involvement in a failed 1992 coup against then President Perez. Chavez was a Lt. Col. in that failed attempt at a coup and was in fact a "leader" of said rebellion. What a jackass (and apparently a failure too). I think that we have another Che Guevara on our hands; Che never won a battle either.

As it turns out, Maduro showed up to the airport and bought a ticket with cash because he was too stupid to remember his already purchased one, and was subsequently subject to the additional screening process associated with buying tickets with cash. He wasn't pushed, yelled at and or beaten like the crazy Venezuelans would have you believe. You see, these are the same assholes that came to mine and your country for the sole purpose not of diplomacy, but of subversion and name calling.

Well, a) Hugo Chavez and Maduro can jump off a bridge, and b) Danny Glover can also leave his mark on my fourth point of contact (honestly, this guy would have been a loyalist in 1776).


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