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Tuesday, October 31, 2006
John Kerry (Moron-MA) is at it again. This time instead of throwing medals onto a lawn, he is insulting troops. I was in hopes that he wasn't this stupid; to degrade troops in the way that he has. I have read and watched several sources and they all are nearly parallel in that John Kerry seems to think that troops are stupid and that if you don't get an education "you'll get stuck in Iraq". Nice talk sugar-mouth. I really, really don't care for this guy.

Kerry is nothing more than a political hack. I am sure the likes of the Weekly Greek will defend his buddy, but even he must realize that the hold on the House and the Senate is more than likely going to be maintained by the right and hopes for the Dems are falling farther and farther to the wayside. Even some within Kerry's own party aren't too happy with his comments (why would they be). No links here, there are many that are going to be circulating no doubt. What a dickhead.


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