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Saturday, October 07, 2006
With the advent of the senate races coming about in November, I am getting more and more disgruntled with politics in general. For example when I look at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee webpage, I am reminded of garbage like I find on the Daily Kos "blog". Kos is easily dismissed as a REMF and nothing else. The DSCC on the other hand has some power behind it as there are many powerful Senators sitting in several of the key positions. In reality, the DSCC is like a clubhouse except the sign on the clubhouse door has been changed from "No girls allowed!" to "No Republicans allowed!".

Capable of little more than creating mud-slinging ads and skirting the real issues the DSCC asks you to help by, you guessed it, "generously supporting the DSCC is the best way to do it". That means they want to seperate you from your hard earned money. It could be a site that you would look up to as a burgeoning Democrat in that you might say: "hey, I am a little shaky on where I stand on some issues, I think I am a Democrat maybe I will go to the DSCC site and make sure" and then you stumble across the clubhouse and are completely disappointed with the fact all they want is your money. Gee, at least teach me something about politics! I can look up in several places what races in which states are happening but all I hear from the DSCC clubhouse is "vote Democrat because we told you to".

Democrats seem to be followers these days. What ever happened to the Democrat of yesterday? Not the kind that gets all boozed up then elected to make decisions for our country; but the kind that used to be all about he proletarian and protection of them? Now the Democrats are all about a populist stance...grow some balls already. With the DSCC's "witty" (by witty I mean shitty) campaign ads airing lately (there are some equally disturbing Republican ones), I can't help but wonder if a six-year-old may be calling the shots there.

I am not going to vote Democratic just because some clubhouse tells me to! I am going to vote for who I think is the best candidate for the job, yes, whatever their party affiliation might be. I can't believe that people actually vote Republican or Democrat just because they are affiliated with that party. Do some research into your candidate and make an educated decision (something that the DSCC is apparently afraid of, or just can't do). If you really have a desire just to be separated from your money and have nothing to show for it and be a little disappointed at the "results" go buy a hooker from Baltimore; don't give it to some clubhouse just because they tell you to.

Think about some facts: How rad is the economy right now? Who took the fight to the terrorists doorsteps (on two fronts)? Who opposes raising the minimun wage (do you have any idea what this will do to the economy? Go read Hazlitt immediately)? Who adopted the strategy: cut and run? Go and do some research into the Senate races and make educated decisions, not voting for someone because someone else told you to; exercise your right to an educated mind folks.


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