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Saturday, November 04, 2006
One of these days I should go through the trouble of actually "getting friends" to further make fun of some of the dolts on MySpace. There truly are some dummies on that site. Most of the idiots I speak about have joined rank and file with the Rock the Vote mentality. Piss off to that. At least 9,800 voters aren't thinking for themselves. Nice. It will take a really long time to jab all 9,800 idiots but I will label a few on a trial basis. Take this gem for starters:

GonzoSchnaz Muppet

Egads man. On this example's site it exclaims:
"Daddy says I've got my Momma's mouth".
Real classy dad, you forgot to mention that along with mommy's cakehole she has a muppet's beak. Can be seen cracking nuts in local Bel Air pet store window.


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