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Monday, December 11, 2006
I must admit, I am a part-time gearhead. I enjoy tinkering with cars making them go faster, look cleaner, etc. Thanks to one Hell of a dad I was given the knowledge required to make the magic happen. I just happened to be channel surfing tonight and watched the tail end of an old episode of "American Hot Rod". This is the show on TLC that "stars" one Boyd Coddington. Watch a few episodes and form your own opinions about Boyd. I think he's a dickhead, but make your own choice.

On the show there is a constant problem with Chip Foose (a much more talented individual than Boyd; he's merely a "businessman" whereas Mr. Foose is an artist and an artisan at the same time) as a competitor. Boyd is always crying about how he is losing employees to Mr. Foose's shop because of better opportunities. Boyd is a spoiled brat. I came across a few select bits of information on the old Internet and would like to share the background that I found with you, dear reader(s).

In a nutshell, Mr. Foose attended Art Center College of Design to develop his badass skills. Due to financial difficulties he was forced to resign after a two-year stint. After working for four years at ASHA Corp. Mr. Foose finished what he started at the Art Center College. Graduated, Mr. Foose began to work full-time for Sterenberger Design and part-time for one Boyd Coddington in 1990. Three years later the representative from Slytherin House managed to convince Mr. Foose to work for him full-time vice working for J Mays of Ford Motor Corp instead. Mr. Foose became the president (that's right; president) of Hot Rods by Boyd. Whilst working for Boyd, Mr. Foose designed many of the beautiful machines that make up the Boyd stable. Touted as a businessman on his show, Boyd was facing bankruptcy in 1998 and Mr. Foose made the right decision; he left and started Foose Design.

Boyd's show is rife with employees leaving to greener pastures (which are nearly always greener on Foose Design's side of the fence) and Boyd will spend the delicate bandwidth whining about why it's wrong. One of the employees who was moonlighting for Foose's camp designing motorcycle wheels named Mike was fired for wanting something better. I would now like to bring about some already-given information: while Mr. Foose was working part-time for Boyd he was also working full-time for Sterenberger Design. Boyd was alright with this apparently. Mike was working full-time for Boyd and part-time for Mr. Foose. Boyd cried about this for nearly an entire episode; lame. Boyd is a whiny hypocrit. Wonder how much longer before Boyd reaches Chapter 11 again? Stay tuned; the show sucks!


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