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Saturday, December 30, 2006

In this article made to sound like a heroic triumph, one Patrick Hart travels to Canada by bus and even vomits maybe three times! In the article it describes how this three-time loser left his wife and his epileptic son to desert the US and the US Army. No big deal, people make bad decisions all the time.

"But Minus, the family was reunited in Canada; he didn't leave her!" Well, actually he phoned her and told her that he wasn't coming back home. She (apparently the one with the balls) made the move to Canada to be with him. I am pretty sure this moron would best serve the needs of the Army as a Canadian citizen. Take him! The Army doesn't want quitters like this dummy.

And one final closing: this fat kid was in the Army for nearly a decade (shy by six months) and was a SPC. Try and explain to me why exactly this frumpy bastard was a model soldier? Let him go! My guess is that the only place he ever led troops was to the snack bar.


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