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Saturday, January 20, 2007
I just came across this little gem of hardcore faithful over at Yahoo! News. Have a look!

Should you choose not to read the article, it goes a little something like this: there is an 1800-year-old Temple of Olympian Zeus in Athens. Greece's Culture Ministry has deemed the site off limits (don't know why, but I would assume that is like letting people crawl on the former President's faces at Rushmore). Makes sense right? Well there are a few religious fanatics who claim that they want to use the site for a "rare ceremony" tomorrow to honor the ancient gods of Greece.

Doreta Peppa, an alleged high priestess of the Athens-based Ellinais wants the government to revive the ancient religion. These folks take themselves very seriously and want to fight the government for the use of the ceremony (which in my mind won't look to terribly different than the opening ceremony of the Olympics). I thought that they took themselves pretty seriously right up until I read the high priestess claim that they "would include hymns, dancers, torchbearers, and worshippers in ancient costumes".

Ancient costumes eh? I could believe you were little more than a group of Heaven's Gate type rejects if you rocked this ancient gear everyday...but no, it's a costume. It's like Halloween for you then? Yeah, I am sure you are serious about it especially since your religion makes use of costumes!
"But I really want to be a torchbearer!"
--Stupidos Gyro

"Okay, we need three more worshipers by the altar and one more dancer costume now!" Barked costume designer Assholios Pantsfaceikus. "No, it's not really a production per se, it's our religion."

"What would Zeus Do?"
--Markos Christos
Look out! Moronos.



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