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Saturday, January 20, 2007
Smells like Roses O'Donnell has chosen a new battleground, this time with the three judges of "American Idol". I think that the show is dumb (take your pick as to which one I am speaking about).
"If you keep serving people crap, they're eventually going to think it's a meal," Smells like Roses touted. "Three millionaires...one probably intoxicated. So sad."

"To make fun of someone's physical appearance, is this what America thinks is entertainment?" Smells like Roses challenged.
Well, as for the second part, you be the judge you fat, fucking hypocrite. This site says it very clearly. As for her steaming pile of shit performance of a developmentally disabled woman with in 2005's "Riding the Bus With My Sister" take a look here. What a natural.

First wrecked by Donald Trump in their childish tirades, now she is moving on to new ventures. Whee!


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