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Sunday, February 25, 2007
In a recent whine by some random Mexicans amid putting up a fence to keep the illegal jackasses out, read this article.

You see, in order to keep our economy from further degradation by illegal immigration we have decided to block them out; physically. Some whiners complained that the construction equipment went 10 meters into Mexico! Lookout! Guess what? I get pissed when some illegal dirtbag puts their two feet in my country of hard-working, legal citizens. If you aim to subvert and complain about it, piss right off. You have no say in the matter if you live in a crappy country like Mexico. This means that the Mexican government is the problem, not mine.

This segues so nicely into the next topic which is Bank of America's attempt to subvert the American economy even further by actually offering wittingly, credit cards to illegal immigrants. Now what? I get to have my APR raised because someone who is actually allowed to not have fiscal responsibility ran up the bill and cut out? Good plan morons. Bank of America sucks hardcore. If anything, cancel accounts and bank somewhere that isn't sympathetic to illegal immigration.


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