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Friday, April 27, 2007
And by flies, I am referring to the ones buzzing around Sheryl Crow's dirty, hippy ass.

Liberal figurines taking a populist stance is anything but new, but this one smells of shit. Crow was on a "stop global warming" music tour (how? by buying tickets to your show?) and had written a couple of blog posts about her solution to curbing global warming. Before I will list a link to her solution to doing her part (and suggesting others follow suit) I will say that this particular liberal croaker pulled a John Kerry and in true liberal style said: "it was a joke!" Nice try dummy. If indeed you are so sincere about global warming and solving it, what better way to do so than make a mockery of it right? Joke my ass you smelly piece of shit.

Now, here is a couple of links. One is from the Huffington Post (I think I just threw up...but what better way to get the moonbat news that visit the hive). Others run rampant on the Internet at this point and I think it is pretty funny that the dimwit is claiming it as a joke all of a sudden. I think that it may be safe to say why it didn't work out between Crow and Armstrong; Crow smells like shit-mist. At least Armstrong got a nice convertible out of the deal. I say that's win number 7.

At any rate, Crow's idea of curbing global warming? Using one square of toilet paper. Not kidding. This hippy is a retard; do you know the damage I alone could do to one square? I am sure even fellow hippies and global warming pundits saw right thorough this "Oops, I really should stick to singing and not real issues" nonsense. The answer? Call it a joke, you know kind of like your career after this? In addition to this hippy crap is the dinner where she acted like a liberal moonbat clone to Karl Rove. No wonder that she got the reaction she did...had she approached it like she had some sort of solution and wasn't just bitching and crying about it then perhaps the conversation would have been different. Instead, Rove and I am sure many others faced with morons like Crow were sure to be thinking: "let the adults talk, OK?"

Stick to what you know Crow, music. That's it.


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