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Sunday, April 22, 2007
This is ridiculous!

In this article Presidential wannabe Hillary Clinton said that if elected President, husband Bill would be "a roaming ambassador to the world, using his skills to repair the nation's tattered image abroad". Laughing out loud. What skills does Bill have that could repair a tattered nation's image abroad (and that is if such an image even exists)?
"Never mind the fundamentals like marriage Mr. Minister, I am going to teach you how to cheat on your wife and a little something called wag the dog!"
I'm so sure. If anything just to keep that from happening, Hillary won't get elected President. Nice move.

Says Hillary: "I can't think of a better cheerleader for America than Bill Clinton, can you?"

Well, yes actually I can. I think that given the circumstances Monica Lewinsky would make a better cheerleader for America. Clinton and her new found populist stance (becoming increasingly prevalent in the Democratic party) make me sick. Clinton and his/her cronies are all about appeasing the populace and shouldn't be leaders of the free world. Start your decision making process early and unclutter it by taking the Clinton's off of your wish list America. We can do just fine without them running things.


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