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Saturday, April 21, 2007
You have all no doubt read about the Don Imus being a racist bit. Well, I haven't given in my two cents worth so here it is.

I think that Imus is getting a bum rap. If you decide that makes me a racist, well then you had better take your ignorant ass and jump off of a cliff for all I care. Your PC bullshit is out of control and insane.

I was going to go through and post plenty of links to da nappy this and da nappy that. You know what? It isn't worth my time (or yours for that matter) to do so because it is so abundant. It is part of culture. If for one second you think that African-American culture isn't American culture then you can jump off of said cliff as well. I think that when actual racists such as Sharpton bitch and moan about how awful this is, he should focus on the "rap artists" that objectify nearly everything about women, sex, drugs and gang-bangin' yo. Those calling Imus a biggot and racist are certainly in need not only of a reality check, but a quick look in the mirror. Call whitey a racist because you can; yeah.

While what I wouldn't have called the Rutgers b-ball team nappy headed hos, I don't think that it is deserving of the attention it is getting. Imus called someone a name...look out! Oh, but wait, apparently skin color does matter to some. Pfft. Grow up and get real. Pop culture is filth and PC is pop culture; get on with YOUR life.


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