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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Take a read, or don't. The article describes a Baltimore city "official" who works for the Department of Public Works. Robert Murrow is a spokesman for the Department and was driving to work when he spotted a vandalized billboard of Rush Limbaugh. Someone threw paint all over the face of Limbaugh. This moonbat actually took the time to call in to The Baltimore Sun to make sure they knew about it. Get to work scrub, the city is a dump!

Let's get one thing straight right off the bat: Baltimore is a sinkhole. Baltimore is listed as the 12th most dangerous American city to live in based on crime statistics (these are 2007 numbers). Baltimore is rife with garbage-lined streets, human feces and piss, homeless people, large rats, drug problems, gang problems and and vandalism apparently makes "officials" happy. I went to the Department of Public Works homepage for Baltimore and see these statements right from the start:
Department of Public Works:

Collects your residential trash and recycling (both paper and plastic).

Collects your bulk trash when you schedule an appointment through 311.

Enforces the sanitation laws of the City.

Collects and recycles bagged leaves on your second trash collection day.

Removes fire debris from the public right of way.

Provides tools for community cleanups.

Removes graffiti.

Removes and stores eviction items.

Takes care of water pipes and sewer lines up to and including the water meter.
So, let's see here, the organization tasked with removing graffiti which technically is what happened, laughs at the prospect. That's about right considering the cesspool that is Baltimore. I am also inclined to say that DPW Baltimore does in fact remove and store eviction items; on the streets of Baltimore. They don't enforce the sanitation laws very effectively as the place is floating in it.

Basically there needs to be a Mayor of Baltimore that will take action rather than wait for the problems to go away. Baltimore has been a dump for a long time and won't fix itself either. It is chuckleheads like Robert Murrow who make it worse. That is awesome how a normally apolitical city service turns into a political laugh-fest at the behest of some idiot who is happy about childish paint-tossing. Murrow further justified his pubescence by stating that the billboard is privately owned and the city isn't responsible for cleaning it. Well jackass if you are happy living in a sty, keep laughing. Otherwise, shut your taco hole and do your part. City official my ass. You deserve to be out there scrubbing all the vandalism and graffiti that you see dummy.

What it boils down to is that I don't care what political leanings may be present (guaranteed this sap has political bumper stickers on his eco-friendly family truckster). If there is a bad problem in the city that you "work" for, don't you think that some pride should be introduced to make the dump a bit less dumpy? Get to scrubbing Baltimore.


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