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Friday, June 29, 2007
In a semi-funny story with arguments pliable for both "sides", the Mayor of Philadelphia was asked by a kid with a mohawk:
"How can you sit here with 200 murders in the city already?"
The Mayor was waiting in line at 0330 hours at an AT&T store to buy an iPhone. Lot of hype I say.

Anyhow, the Mayor left shortly thereafter. I don't know if he got his iPhone or not, I am assuming that he didn't. The problems that I have with this scenario are several: first, why would the Mayor of a large city such as Philly not have someone wait in line for an iPhone in his place, or just wait for them to come out? According to this article the reason is because he "loves testing out all the latest technology". If that was the case, the he definitely would have had a robot or an intern waiting in line to do his bidding. Maybe his brother, Milton Street? Naw, he is probably in the klink on traffic warrants.

Secondly, my concerns lie with this doofus sporting what is reported by breitbart.com as a "mohawk". My thought is this: if the kid were sporting a "real" mohawk then how at three-thirty in the morning was this "punk" making coherent speech? In my experience, a kid with a "real" mohawk at 0330 still standing on the streets should smell of a Yuengling Factory and babble incoherently asking for change because he is "thirsty". I believe that the Mayor got asked a question by some moron with a fauxhawk (you know the ones...the kids that don't have enough balls to sport an actual mohawk but instead get their "cool on" by sporting a stupid inch-tall patch of retardation on top of their heads to match their upturned collars) who was also waiting in line to buy an iPhone.

Lame on all accounts, right up to and including my interest in this paltry matter.


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