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Tuesday, July 03, 2007
Article about the commutation of Scooter Libby's prison term. While this isn't a big deal at all, Madam Speaker would have you believe otherwise. As quoted this "special" individual said that President Bush
"condones criminal conduct."
Well, let's have a quick run-down of some other pardons and commutations, shall we? First and foremost should be the 16 terrorists that former President Clinton commuted the sentences of. The FALN terrorists were the ones who exploded over 120 bombs IN THE UNITED STATES who were given clemency by the former President on the condition that they would simply renounce violence. Seriously? And this is the guy that Hillary Clinton (Duh-New York) is trying to brainwash American citizens into thinking is going to be an appropriate ambassador to the world? Is there a market for terrorist clemency consulting? Ship that dude to the Middle East immediately he has commutations to perform. Wake up America.

How is the above not in support of criminal conduct? Get real. While no secret that the former President signed over 140 commutations and pardons in his last day in office (how did they find the time with all of the looting going on?) there are numerous other pardons that should be brought to light. Former President H.W. Bush pardoned a few individuals in connection with the Iran-Contra Affair, Jimmy "the abject failure" Carter pardoned Oscar Collazo (the one who tried to assassinate Harry S. Truman, which Madam Speaker is criminal behavior) etc. For a listing of pardons and their criminal backgrounds (if any) click here. But seriously, don't hate on someone just because they are from "the other side". That is a contributing reason to why there is so much bickering in the political line of work. Get a clue and start earning your paychecks.


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