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Monday, September 24, 2007
Is a bit of an odd place if you ask me. Why? Well, take the Minuteman Project for example; the people concerned with the securing of our country's borders (legitimate or not, that is their concern). Next, take the president of Iran; a holocaust denier and proponent of genocide.

A while back Jim Gilchist (founder of the Project) and another member of his organization (Marvin Stewart) were actually attacked and taunted with racial epithets courtesy of the "tolerant" students of Columbia University.

Meanwhile, the dean of Columbia University has said that the Project won't be invited back because of "security concerns" yet he is more than willing to host the president of Iran and Hitler. How dumb do you have to be? Columbia's policy is to silence the right and promote the left...and somehow that is "fair" speech? Screw the paltry dean of that dump and his leftist agenda. Go and get yourself an unbiased education for education's sake right now!


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