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Wednesday, September 12, 2007
With the Democrat-controlled Congress doing a miserable job, I am taking upon myself to do some extra research on who should be in the White House come, technically, 2009. Why the left speaks volumes about change and then does nothing about it isn't really a big surprise. History speaks for itself and the left doesn't have a good track record. Yes, there are those on the right with the same problem. I am thinking more along the lines of how it was the left that was against Civil Rights yet speak volumes about it today and even so still see fit to employ a member of the KKK, former or otherwise. Even the Klan has seen fit to give the man a lifetime achievement award! Some mentalities will never change and the left's weak position on terrorism, defense, foreign policy, economy, [insert nearly anything here], etc. proves that more and more everyday.

On the other hand, I am in hopes that the right might return to core values that it has had in the past. Small government, less taxes (flat) and strong on defense and terrorism. Will a candidate come forth with the values of the Classical Liberal? God, I hope so. That is exactly what this country needs.


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