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Friday, September 21, 2007
It should be plainly obvious that omg! doesn't know what the hell "punk" is as they think it's a fashion statement. For that matter, nobody should really know what "punk" is. I know what it isn't and so don't you.

Anyhow, the title of some lame-ass pictures of Paris Hilton in a black dress called for omg! to claim: "Paris Goes Punk!" Pffft. Meanwhile, most of the rest of the sensible persons of this nation realized that it was just a hooker in some zebra shoes.

I don't know...perhaps it's mean of me to think that just because you post a video of yourself getting screwed every which way doesn't make you a decent person, forgive me. Or piss right off. It is sad to think that people actually look up to Paris at all, for any reason. Then again, it is the public that makes her so famous; STOP! Why weren't the sluts in your high school famous? Because you didn't promote them to silly proportions of course! I have no idea why showing your girl bits to the world makes you famous. What it should make famous is the industrial strength cleaning solutions applied to the car's seat the next day. Maybe it's cool to be a walking wet lab, or culture room of STDs? Who will know...Paris is burning...again.


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