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Saturday, November 03, 2007
In a bit of stupid news this week the "star" of the show "Heroes" Hayden Panettierre went to Japan to protest the killing of some dolphins. The "protest" was useless as the dolphins got the axe anyhow. She was shoved, rightfully so, with a stick along with her other "surfing" ilk to keep them away from the boat hunting the dolphins. In Japan, dolphin is a part of their heritage and culture and in fact, 14,000 are killed EVERY YEAR in that country for food.

This is a good example of why this snot-nosed, privileged little brat shouldn't have gone all the way to Japan to stick her beak in some business that has nothing to do with her. She calls herself an animal rights activist, but then is seen at a party hosted by Christian Louboutin? What's better is that she is wearing said shoes. To wit: Christian Louboutin makes shoes out of animals such as cows and ostrich. Oh, then there are the bags that he uses wee little bunny rabbits' fur to make. What an hypocrite. Animal rights activist indeed.


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