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Tuesday, December 25, 2007
That's right, I said it. Merry Christmas. In case you were wondering or have forgotten, this holiday isn't about presents, it is about the birth of one Jesus Christ, savior. Deal with it.

I am thankful enough to have a wonderful family and friends that understand this concept. All too often, I see not holiday spirit in the sense of which it was meant, but rather homage to monuments of consumerism. What do you mean little Timmy is upset that he didn't get a PS3? Too bad, little Timmy might just be a spoiled brat.

Am I thankful that I got an Undead Warlock action figure or a Dodge Challenger R/C car? Or how about being thankful for some badass sweaters to keep me warm or flying a small helicopter around my living room? Yes, of course, but not as thankful as I am for the opportunity to spend the holidays with the ones that I love. That, actually, is what the holiday is all about. Presents aside, take the time to step back and appreciate what really matters in life; life itself and those you can share it with.

Keep in mind that once the holiday season is over for this year, I am sure that blogs reverting to the old "no faith in my fellow man" stance will ensue. What of it?


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