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Tuesday, December 25, 2007
With all the hubub about the upcoming elections and who is gonna be in the White House, I saw an interesting article. Read it here. Essentially, Hillary Clinton is putting experience on point in her road march to the White House. Along with the total misuse of military terminology and Clinton in one sentence, you might also be asking yourself: what experience? Well, you would be right. She doesn't have enough to speak for an entire nation, let alone the free world. Most of her time as First Lady was spent being pissed at Bill for getting a mic check in the Oval Office.

Remember, as the article says, she didn't even have a clearance while First Lady. That means that she wasn't privy to all of the "goings on" that are required to run a country. Certainly her record as a junior Senator isn't all that extensive. Just look at it. It isn't. Maybe another decade and she will be ready...but I am willing to bet that America still will not be ready to totally self destruct into socialism ala Clinton.

America needs to rebound pretty badly right now. Socialism is most definitely not the answer to bring her back to her former glory, and neither is rampant government spending, constant bickering or governmental cockblockery in general. Time will tell and there is still hope.


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