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Monday, September 22, 2008
I have been reading a bit about Barack Obama's airplane. It usually comes outfitted with several American flags about the fuselage and whatnot. However, after the Obama clan got a hold of it, there isn't any more American flags on the plane. The clan has replaced symbols of America, which Barack is hoping to run, with some crap lousy logo reminiscent of a Muslim sunrise (don't believe me, go and look up his Obama Youth logo). This guy is evil for America. "Change we can believe in", if you believe that you are about as brain-dead as it gets. Come November I would like to see the America that I believe in shut out Socialism altogether and tell Obama (and his wife) to find employment elsewhere. We have enough troubles combating radicals and extremists and there are actually dopes who think that it will get better by electing a radical and an extremist to the White House. Get real. F Socialism and the veiled nonsense Obama is trying to usher it in on. Now, get barack to reality.

There was a youth organization called Obama Youth and had a logo like below:
Nice crescent moon there, Hamas al-Dummy. The logo has since been changed to the crap lousy one that he currently uses and the "group" has been changed to Youth 4 Obama. This, admittedly will be a tough election. However, openly and willingly ushering in Socialism by voting for Barack Obama and his Black Panther wife will do nothing for America but further divide it. The only hope is to have a candidate (or veep) that is like Reagan. There is hope...


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