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Friday, December 26, 2008
As I sit here watching a bit of the television, I am blindsided with an NCIS marathon on the USA Network. That's right, marathon. In case I haven't said it before, this NCIS show may be a grand candidate for the dumbest show on television. "But Minus, just change the channel." I would except I don't feel like watching infomercials (it is quite early in the morning).

Apparently NCIS has arrest authority over anyone in the known universe (and the dimwitted writers will probably script an alien arrest before too long); even those outside of their jurisdiction. No kidding, they arrested a civilian buying a slurpee in one episode.

Another bone of contention with this crap-lousy show is that NCIS seems to employ a disturbing number of foreign nationals. Seriously and nevermind national security or OPSEC issues.

How about the forensic "scientist" Abby who dwells in the depths of the NCIS building? Wow, she is essentially a Hot Topic (er, Hot Gothic) doofus that is supposed to be savvy with the science. I know a lot of scientists; Abby isn't a scientist, I don't care what your name is. She makes the already stupid show seem like an effing sideshow.

How about the dumbass pseudo-laureate that works for the Navy slicing bodies open and taking happy snaps at crime scenes? Please. Mr. Magoo-ass sucker.

What about the building itself? It would appear on TV as some expansive mansion type of setup with unlimited resources. Ha! I am willing to bet that the real NCIS building is a couple of Quonset huts taped together with tradition and crime solving skills. As per the military standard, if it is anything over 2000 square feet, it's bullshit. Believe it. You wouldn't imagine the stack of paperwork involved in just getting a ceiling fan in the shitter; huge building...hahaha.

This show sucks.Hard.


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