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Tuesday, January 27, 2009
So, let me get this straight; putting many of the same people in the new administration that were of the Clinton White House and staffing with controversy is change we can all believe in, eh?

How, exactly, is simply reversing what a prior president has done getting anything done? How is simply calling terrorist organizations and "reassuring" them that American isn't their enemy doing anything AT ALL for my safety? How exactly is being noted for creating a multitude of EO's in the first week in office not in line with the Democrat ethic of creating a HUGE government?

Already snubbing the media and not being able to work well when given direct questions (ahem, no lobbyists in your cabinet, eh?) is shaping up to look like the makings of a great dictator...congratulations. How long before blogs disappear and censorship runs rampant? Probably not long at all. This is scary stuff here.


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