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Monday, March 09, 2009
As I am flipping through the old Obama-box I happened across CNN. There was less-cheery-than-usual Wolf Blitzer reporting that Obama, your Dear Leader, is saying: "No Fear, Americans! Spend, spend, spend!!" Let us look at this on two fronts. First, do not even suggest to me what to do with MY money. You really think that I want to take financial advice from an administration and associated cabinet that can not manage to pay its own taxes? There is enough government intervention in daily life (with more on the way no doubt) without a stupid suggestion like that. Second, have you checked the majority of your demographic; they do not have an abundant supply of disposable income, chief.

It was effing hilarious to watch Tim Geithner suggest that the Obama administration is going to go after those that do not pay their taxes. Chuckle, chuckle. That dummy ended up paying $43,000 USD after he was nominated. Halt dem Mund Bitte. Cripes, that is but one example. The guy who writes tax laws, Charlie Rangel owed $75,000 in back taxes on rental properties and a house in the Dominican Republic. Wow, the list actually does go on and on and on and on and on and on.

Next, Obama is hell bent on damaging relations with Britain. Dear Leader actually gave back a symbol of solidarity between the two countries (a bust of Sir Churchill). How rude and ignorant; nevermind the amount of troops they have in A-Stan...and being a steadfast ally through all kinds of shit; thanks a lot.


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