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Tuesday, March 03, 2009
Are ruining this country from the inside. With no apparent understanding of the need for a missile defense shield due to irresponsible people like IRAN and RUSSIA, Obama has made America look weak. In a chicken shit move, he decided to try and negotiate with the communists; they of course said no and now we look chicken shit to them. Congratulations on yet another failure as president.

The person that resides in the office of the Secretary of State now is rocketing Americans toward no real foothold in the Middle East with her latest antics. She is actually taking an official side in the Israeli-Palestinian argument. Looks like the terrorists will come out on top thanks to Clinton; again.

Oh, and here is HUGE news: more tax trouble for another Obama appointee. It is official, the American presidency has officially been turned into a game and is mocked daily...by the president. Why? Because he just doesn't know...and neither do his cronies in office.

Congratulations to those who didn't vote for the destruction of our country and saw the writing on the wall early on. You should be very proud at this point.


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