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Friday, October 09, 2009
If you can believe it, Barack Obama has received the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. What f*cking joke. That clown deserves to get the award? How hilarious is the Nobel Committee? This group of jokers has determined that Obambma deserves the award for
"his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples..."
What makes this especially funny is that apparently he "accomplished" this by fucking his own country (we are talking about the United States and not Kenya in this example).

A few things can be learned by this:

1) The Nobel Peace Prize is a crock of shit
2) The winner does not have to actually do what the award suggests
3) A nation's people may suffer economically, physically and mentally while their "dear leader" receives this hunk of shit
4) Astronomical unemployment rates, economic failure, failed communities, very little experience in government, the inability to make decisions of any caliber (Afghanistan, anyone?), promoting stratification of society, creating mockeries of the Constitution and being an all around failure are apparently all that it takes to be a "winner" in the eyes of the Nobel Committee.

As an update of sorts and according to several sources: Obama is to travel to Oslo, Norway to actually accept this "prize." He should be ashamed of himself for several reasons:

1) He is NOT deserving of the award
2) Junket's are NOT in the budget
3) He knows that he does NOT deserve it
4) It further shows what a mockery that he is making of the presidency
5) He is an extremely weak and shameful person. This cat (with the actual acceptance of shit he does NOT deserve) has shown the world that the US will take credit for things that they did not do. Bullshit...this is an atrocity.

One word, folks: Novelty.


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