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Sunday, November 21, 2010
I have been a pretty big fan of the BBC show called "Top Gear" for quite some time. Jeremy Clarkson has a wit that is not only British, but libertarian in perspective. James May also has this brand of wit as does Richard Hammond. In a nutshell, this show is brilliant; there are fast cars, arcane challenges and hosts which simply make the show what it is. Many people seem to be miffed at the fact that the BBC version does not review American cars on that show too often.

Why not? Well, for one, Americans are not known so much for their supercars these days. If you consider a Z06 or a Viper a supercar, you are a retard. The only thing that does come close is the Ford GT. This was paid a certain homage to on the BBC show that did it grace. While for the most part, "down the Brits/up the Yanks" still applies, "Top Gear" is a British show.

For some reason, the American TV industry thought that they could take a stab at Top Gear. Well, I watched about 30 minutes of the hour-long debut and turned it to another channel. The show is shit. First rattle out of the box the retards hosting the show called a Viper a supercar and tried to desperately mimic the BBC versions' arcane challenges. They were chased around Griffin, Georgia of all places by a Cobra attack helicopter. It was not only a stupid attempt, but a failed one. Shame on the producers for picking the wrong hosts for the American version.

For starters, I felt as if I was watching a documentary of "simples" on a road-trip with each new scene. There was absolutely no wit to the program, but there was a large amount of whining from the proverbial "fat kid." I don't even know what their names are and I do not care because I will not watch that dumb show ever again.

Shame on the producers at the History Channel for attempting this huge piece of bullshit programming. This will breed morbidly obese dickheads all across the land thinking that the Dodge Viper can keep up with a Ferrari, now. Nice job assholes. I am pretty sure that this show will fail miserably due to shitty content and it should. I think that the BBC has a lock on Top Gear; leave it well alone.


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