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Sunday, November 21, 2010
There has been much documented evidence that the Transportation and Security Administration, TSA, is as ignorant of your rights as they are of their lot in life. With more and more information streaming out of the security lines at airports, one thing is abundantly clear: the terrorists are winning. Knowing that they cannot beat us on a battlefield, these clever sons of bitches have resorted to subverting our world a piece at a time.

With children being fondled by pederasts, women being raped and our elderly being treated poorly the TSA is clearly off the reservation. Who is to blame? A few parts Bush, add some Obama, stir in some Napolitano and you have a recipe for Jackbooted Brownies. Before some people write in and claim that I forgot Biden: that dude still thinks it's 1987...

What has happened to put the United States in this precarious position in which her "free" people are treated like detainees? Fear. The United States government has spoon-fed the masses a healthy dose of fear. They are accomplishing that goal by having the unchecked retards at the TSA do their bidding for them. Welcome to the surveillance society.


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