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Don't Worry, MoveOn.org Is Still Filled With Stupidity

Thursday, December 02, 2010
I just saw a commercial with a bunch of saps "pleading" with Obama on a video. Take a look if you want to. It is a piece of shit (like that's a surprise). Within the video is a bunch of clueless dickwits (probably paid off to give support) that are whining about the tax situation. This means that the Left does not want to have the Bush tax cuts extended...this further means that the Left are fiscally retarded.

Remember when Bush was elected and that video came out (or website) with a bunch of clueless idiots holding up signs that read "I am sorry," or some such bullshit? Well, this video is much like that except we get to put faces to the Obama demographic (you know the type: stupid, ignorant and generally clueless to how life actually works). Anyhow, watch the video...there is actually one bitch that states: "I am in the highest tax bracket, we don't need the money; the country does!"

Funny part of it is that stupid bitch could simply give her money away...instead, she sees fit to bitch about it on MoveOn.org...why? Because she was paid to do so. It is a crap lousy video with a crap lousy message. MoveOn.org is still full of fucking idiots.

I would encourage the reader(s) of this blog to make their own opinions of course, but at least be smarter than those at MoveOn.org...it is not at all difficult. Read even a primer on economics and you will already have at least a decade on those morons.


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