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Harry Reid's DREAM Is America's Nightmare

Thursday, December 02, 2010
Harry Reid (Crooked Idiot - Nevada) has seemingly pushed through four versions of the controversial DREAM Act without having a hearing on a single one. This means that Harry Reid does not at all respect the political process, or the American people. Think about it; Reid, Harry seems to think that his version of politics is the way it needs to be. How funny...take a look at the last election, the crooked style of politics is on its way out (and perhaps a new style of crooked politics is on the way in...one thing at a time).

Reid's henchman, Dick Durbin (Not Just a Clever Name - Illinois) is the one responsible for authoring the dipshit documents. All four slightly different versions that have the same name. I guess these people seem to think that attrition is the way to go and pull the wool over the American's eyes? What a bunch of shit.

Unfortunately, Harry Reid was hired again...makes me think that his constituency is either grossly retarded, or on the take. Follow the money.


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