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Saturday, May 28, 2005
As part of the blog reconstruction effort that Nemesis first put forth, I recoded the blog and came up with what you see. If you like it, please leave comments, good or bad. Based on your comments, I will either A) More than likely degrade you in some way, or B) Return the gesture by linking to your blog.

An additional portion of the reconstruction that is not readily viewable to the end user is the WebRing part. I was originally going to include at least four WebRings that I am now a member of, including America's Military WebRing. When I submitted my site to be included in the ring, I received an email stating that my blog was not militarily oriented enough to be included. Now that I am not military enough, I may not include the coded references until I deem necessary.

To those who know, this is a huge irony. To those who don't: guess.


Double the irony, double the fun. I guess the authors of this blog fighting in a combined three wars in two different theaters isn't "military" enough.

Whatever though, I heard those dudes at America's Military WebRing initiate their new members with a refreshing golden shower. So, you know, I'm not all that disapointed that we didn't get in.

And, by the way, I think the new blog format is kick ass.

No sweat on the WebRing. I would assume the ringmaster is a pogue anyway. He let people in with some pretty inane pages. Whatever.

Thanks America's Military WebRing, you have given thousands of fat military spouses something to look at between meals! Have a wonderful military day.

No, I am not bitter.


I guess you are counting Korea in that list. For those of us who's only official combat zone was Korea, we can't pull that off. It would feel disrespectful to those of you who have served in the current wars.

I know I will be degraded personally and I am already linked to your page, but I like the new format. One suggestion, change the font/color on your post's links. Currently it is a little hard on the eyes.
No, not counting Korea. The wars being the Balkans, Iraq/Afghanistan, and the domestic War on Terrorism. Without getting too much into it, Minus and I have been very deeply involved in all three.
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