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Wednesday, September 20, 2006
With the entry yesterday about the UFO in a parallel orbit with the Space Shuttle Atlantis, I have a wee bit to add: apparently it is a few garbage sacks floating about space. Seriously, who dumps trash in space? Cinchsakanauts, that's who.
Trashonaut 1: "Shit dude, no one is looking; do it!"
Trashonaut 2: "I don't know man, someone is going to find out!"
Trashonaut 1: "Seriously, don't be a sissy; I will space-punch your helmeted face. Dump the garbage and let's watch Seinfeld."
Trashonaut 2: "I guess...alright. Whee! Wait! Are those still on? You jerk!"
All joking aside I hope the heftynauts return home safely and throw down a coat of paint on that bad oscar and maybe even some glue to hold the thing together. Seriously, gladonauts.


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