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Wednesday, October 11, 2006
Azzam the Dickhead as he is known in the closest circles of what was once al-Qaeda has been officially charged with treason; a charge not brought about in the US since the 1950's. Dropping messages declaring someone pay attention to me, er, I have converted to Islam on college websites Azzam the Deathmetalnerd went to Karachi around the 1998 timeframe, married an Afghan refugee (presumably for discounts at the local market) and sought out training with terrorists.

October 2004: Azzam the TakesItInTheBiscuitsFromTerrorists made a 75-minute video speaking all sorts of nonsense about how the streets of America were going to run with blood...blah, blah, blah. Basically, nobody liked him here in the States so he sought refuge with the States' enemy; terrorism. Apparently embraced by the nearly extinct al-Qaeda for his "sweet American ass" and willingness to make videos in exchange for a night with Osama, Azzam has sold out his former country and now faces treason charges. Good riddance I say. I hope this kid fries.
" Relatives described Gadahn as a normal teenager, prone to fads, who grew his hair long for a while and developed a fondness for 'death metal' rock music."
No way. That kid? The one with the shitty goatee and long hair? Go to Hollywood Azzam the Chupacabra, and see if a) you aren't first embraced by Hollywood liberals as the best thing since Stalin or b) get typecast as a RPG playing, death metal fanatic.

Have you seen a picture of this kid before? Look at my previous entry and try to tell me that he isn't rolling 20-sides with Osama right now. Azzam the +1Stamina will be caught shortly I say, and we are that much closer to Osama.


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