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Thursday, September 29, 2005
Congratulations to Chief Justice John Roberts. With a respected confirmation vote of 78-22, John Roberts has got to be happy at this moment.

Among the 22 party-poopers are the Jackass All-Stars. You know the ones: Hilary, The Swimmer, Boxer, Durbin, Feinstein, Harkin, Kerry, and Schumer. Unable to see past party lines these select individuals have no other logic behind their voting besides the fact that John Roberts is a conservative. Boxer, Feinstein and Clinton are like a triumvirate of stupidity, The Swimmer and Kerry voter combo is a no-brainer and the rest are akin to camp followers.

The Swimmer was among a very select few that publicly encouraged "his colleagues" to vote no. C'mon Swimmer, it's not like he ended a date by killing a chick in Davy Jonses' locker and got away with it! Thankfully there are more than enough level headed individuals in the Senate (both liberal and conservative) that actually can see past the party-lines and vote accordingly.

The position of Chief Justice is something that should be looked at with a non-bias attitude. Some just can't find the time to do the right thing. The unfortunate thing is that it really is not a big surprise the way that some vote. I don't want a predictable party. I want a party that takes the time to research the issues and the people running for office. Thankfully, I chose the right one.


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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Found guilty on 6 of 7 counts, the morbidly grotesque Lynndie England is headed to the klink for 3 years. Considering that her actions may be directly attributed to retaliatory strikes by insurgents, I think that she got off light. Hopefully, someone in Ft. Leavenworth will never allow her to forget how stupid she really is. In the spirit of the Helen Thomas and the Prodigy entries, here is more of the same.

While barely able to make out a difference, I will leave it up to you to study carefully.

Jabba The Hutt Lynndie England Is Morbidly Grotesque

After a failed plea deal and a failed attempt to blame all on her "lover", Pvt. Chuck Graner (what the Hell was that guy thinking?), it's finally over. Lynndie will have to own up to what she has made out of her sorry excuse for a military career and deal with the consequences for the rest of her paltry life. Dummies like this broad are reasons that the military gets a bad name.


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Space visitors are being welcomed (hopefully) by a sleepy Puerto Rican town called Lajas. Not only are the space visitors welcome, but they will be graced with a runway for their spacecraft.

I think that a few serious questions may be in order:

  • How do the residents of Lajas know that a spacecraft requires a runway?

  • How does Reynaldo Rios still have a job teaching children?

  • Has a spacecraft runway ever been proven to increase tourism?

  • Where does one acquire plans for constructing a suitable runway for alien spacecraft?

  • Will tinfoil hats be provided for the landing party?

  • Should it be named the "Tom Cruise Memorial Spaceway"?

  • Will an emergency response/investigation agency be created in the event of a spacecraft crash?

  • Will regular flights be scheduled for Cindy Sheehan to fly home?

  • I think they have a lot of questions to answer before ground is broken.


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    Tuesday, September 27, 2005
    Unfortunately, SupremeTort is no longer up. Due to new occupational pursuits of the editor, it will be down indefinitely. It was a great site while it was around. Thanks for adding us to your blog roll.


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    It is no mistake that there are certain individuals who fashion their views around what the media puts out. The problem, it would seem, is the individuals who do not use the media for a tool to incite further research. There have been polls upon polls about numerous subjects. I don't particularly agree with polls. I have the mindset that these people didn't poll me, so those numbers don't speak for me either.

    In the latest news about Cindy Sheehan, it is suggested that her "numbers" (this in reference to whether or not people are still actually interested in her tripe) in the past few weeks have dropped quicker than Bill's pants in the Oval Office. It is hard for me to believe that people actually maintained an interest in the subject. I enjoy writing about the Sheehan business. The more and more people may even use this blog as a tool to incite research, is great news. It would be great if people would read more and come to the realization that the generally-left sentiment that has been allowed to run rampant in the media is not what America thinks.

    The collective will of this nation is not represented by the media, but by American's who have been given the freedom to find out for themselves. Those who don't utilize this freedom are typically the ones who are most critical of others' ways of life. You can read that as the placard-toting zombies who see fit to criticize nearly everything but their own, sordid affairs.

    People have been cooking the rally numbers for a bit as well. This article is a good primer into the subject, and provides numerous examples. Use it to find out more. You may be amazed at what you might find. For instance, the general conception may be that the left are all do-gooders and humanitarians, yet it is a fact that more Republicans than Democrats voted for the Civil Rights Act. It's easy to confuse these facts when leftist puppets try and compare Cindy Sheehan to Rosa Parks. All told, you should be able to come to your own conclusions; that's a given. The media should not be your voice, nor should those incapable of cleaning out their own backyards first.


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    Cindy Sheehan, most notable for lurking the countryside via ditches has been arrested in Washington D.C. While it was probably planned, it just goes to show how self-destructive this woman really is. It is no secret that this lady is touched in the head...and shows signs of coming closer and closer to the brink of reality everyday.


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    Saturday, September 24, 2005
    Mr. Nader,

    Please buy a new suit, you look like a ragamuffin.


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    As part of a play on words previously quoted by Nemesis, I see this as a fitting title. This of course, being in reference to the shenanigan's of the hordes of placard-zombies melingering about Washington D.C. today.

    After watching for a bit, I cannot tell in all honesty, what it is these miscreants aim to accomplish. I can tell that the common theme is that President Bush is not liked by the people that showed up. After Jessica Lange got up to the podium and spoke to the mindless drones about Bush, I had to laugh. After burning out in Hollywood, why not come to another forum and do the same? Good show, dummy.

    I saw a multitude of placards; most of them with asinine statements, of course. I saw people mostly advertising their website and such, but then throw up a picture of the President on your placard and you suddenly have purpose! The funniest thing that I saw was the Filipino crowd up on stage for about 6 minutes. These idiots spewed nonsense about "Troops out of the Philipines"! It was called something like the Lasting and Just people of the Philipines. They were anything but just and lasting...perhaps if the Philipines could get their act together, no one would actually be in their business. It sure is convenient to bitch and moan about a crappy country when you're not actually in it. No one cares about the Filipino President, get over it. Take to the streets in your own country to solve your own problems, not here. Tagalog, you're it.

    It just wouldn't be a protest if you didn't have gays, communists, angry foreigners, confused liberals, neo-hippies, tourists, bums, burnt-out actors and generally depressed people who just want to belong to something. The problem with many statements was the War in Iraq was barely mentioned, if at all! One was pressing gay rights, another Women's liberation. Idiots will use protests to further their own cause, it's funny. By the time this dummy was finished, there was about 10-12 people in front of the lectern. It was hilarious...yeah, yeah, we all believe in our respective causes; oh crap, it's raining. Gotta go. Fair-weather hippies; now I have heard everything.

    One of the main statements that was presented by all of these people was the unity of all of the groups that were "represented". These idiots can't hold a crowd much less a conversation. There is no way there is ever going to be a unity of these groups. Why? They don't believe in themselves, or their "causes". Why? Because they all embrace capitalism and thrive on the American way of life. They love America and what she stands for. They do take for granted what this country has given them, but that's the beauty of this country. It's OK to these people to threaten and speak about it on the weekends, but come Monday; it's right back to cube-land. Phonies! Sure, you will see them wearing the all too famous Che shirts, saying they are commies, socialists and whatnot, but in reality, they are truly fooling themselves. The bulk of the American people don't believe in or listen to these fools to begin with. Much like the Cindy Sheehan nonsense, these will not gain and certainly not hold any sort of momentum. All you can do is laugh at these people, because they are useful for little else. Sad thing is, they know it too.

    All in all, this rally was another waste of time for a great many people. If the scientific community were to ever find absolute zero, they could find it in the DC area as a measure of what these fools accomplished. They are not going to end the War in Iraq, the soldiers are. They are never going to unite, because they too realize that what they are doing is utterly fruitless. I think that I would have listened a bit more closely if anyone could agree as to why they were there to begin with! Pick an issue and stick with it. Dummies.


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    Thursday, September 22, 2005
    I think that I will skip out on the upcoming film Proof, "starring" Gwyneth Paltrow. I may reconsider if I thought that Gwyneth might actually be capable of mathematics. Believing that Matt Damon was capable of basic linear algebra, graph theory, Fourier analysis and even a comprehension of Parseval's Theorem was a stretch in Good Will Hunting.

    A Beautiful Mind was a waste of time. Maybe if Russell Crowe would have attacked a hotel employee with a textbook, it would have been closer to being real. As far as a movie such as IQ is concerned, it didn't seem like a stretch for Tim Robbins to act like he didn't know a damn thing about physics. If I want to watch a real, believable film about someone who actually is smart, I will stick to PBS or read their biography.


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    Wednesday, September 21, 2005
    Anera Eht Ni Nam A has gone to ground and will be referred to as "Snake" from here on out. God speed, Snake.


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    Tuesday, September 20, 2005
    Snake, Nemesis and I were fortunate enough to attend a roundtable discussion sponsored by America's Future Foundation on September 14. The discussion, aptly titled "What's the deal with Intelligent Design?" was a closer look at what the debate over Intelligent Design tells us about American politics and culture.

    After arriving at Snake's shanty with track-lighting, scotch was made available to Nemesis and I. I must say, Snake is akin to a magician of sorts; I have never seen gin disappear so quickly. At any rate, about an hour out from the roundtable, the three of us walked to a watering hole called Biddy's which is attached to the Irish-owned Jury's Washington Hotel near the heart of Dupont Circle in DC. After a cocktail, we proceeded to the address provided to us by a respectfully unnamed entity. After eagerly expecting to stretch our collective minds, all I was able to accomplish was some German language skills...as we had landed at the German Historical Institute. There was no roundtable here. We made a call to the infamous "Donny" of Korea fame and he was able to provide us with the correct address of the Fund for American Studies. At last, and only 30 minutes late, we were able to make our way to the standing room and witness the discussion.

    Panelists included Janice Crouse of Concerned Women for America, Will Wilkinson of the Cato Institute, Ron Bailey of Reason Magazine and Blake Dvorak of the Washington Times. The panelists provided some insight into the topic of ID and its effects, and also fielded some questions from the audience. Overall, a very good time. AFF even provided some wine and beer pro bono style. If you are interested, reader, you can download a file of the discussion at their website (linked above). After some Amstel Light for Nemesis and I (it was free), and some wine for Snake, the discussion concluded and there was more talk about carrying the conversation to a local bar. Before Ron Bailey could escape, the three of us picked his brain. I must say, Ron Bailey is a very knowledgeable person in his arena. After his departure, the majority of the discussion spilled out onto the streets of DC. After some more light conversation, many were off to find the bar "near Dupont Circle". Several of us set off in that direction. I will never know how many actually made it.

    We concluded the night with another round at Biddy's. Shortly after, we hailed a cab for the drive back to Snake's shanty and then the drive home. Fifteen dollars later, we arrived having realized that we all took something from the roundtable that night, and in a way, Snake left something too.


    Compliments to America's Future Foundation for hosting this event. There are many such events and you should check out their site if you get the chance. There is no mistaking that the site is geared towards the classical liberal. Good stuff.

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    Sunday, September 18, 2005
    I just realized what a leftist puppet Bill Maher is. I feel for the other persons taking road trips, vacations, business trips or otherwise where they may be susceptible to the despicable programming that is "Real Time with Bill Maher". Unfortunately, I don't subscribe to HBO in my home and don't have the satisfaction of turning Bill Maher off at will.

    When Bill Maher can actually get through a sentence without waiting for applause as if it was the best thing ever to come out of his sinkhole, it turns out to be asinine and pointless. With his fivehead (too big to be a normal forehead) pulsing with propaganda, this dummy typically begins what he thinks may be a valid point with: "uh, uh...", and usually ends it with "but I, but uh, I uh"; and then the applause, because a stagehand finally hit the appropriate button.

    I decided that Bill Maher's credibility as a decent human being was basically nonexistent by the time he referred to Barbara Bush as a "bitch" and actually suggested that New Orleans could have built a 100 foot tall levee with monies instead spent on things like the Superdome. Undoubtedly when the 101 foot wave comes along, it would be blamed on Republicans by people like Bill Maher and in doing so, skirting the real issues while playing the blame game.

    Included in the programming filth was an "interview" with Senator Charles Schumer from New York. It would seem as if Bill Maher and Schumer may be progressing to a second, and perhaps a third date. I would expect Bush-bashing from a dolt like Maher, but a Senator of the United States doing the same thing? No wonder the Democrats are hurting so badly. Plainly an ideologue, Schumer should never have been able to sit on a hearing involving the highest seat in the judiciary.

    Among the other guests of the show were P.J. O'Rourke, Joy Behar and Willie L. Brown, Jr. P.J. and Willie did most of the talking and had some equally valid things to say while Joy Behar was the token filler. Perhaps an actual funny person failed to show and she was a last resort. "The View" must be hurting with her on the show. By the way, she considers John Roberts the only fu*kable judge in the Supreme Court...nice talk sugar-mouth. Way to represent your home in the liberal mindset. If you find the time to SMS your way to a funny joke and leave behind the ass-hattery, I won't make fun of you anymore...as much.


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    Tuesday, September 13, 2005
    Before someone reads just the title of the entry vice the entire thing, let it be known that it's an example of allusion.

    Now, after watching a couple of hour's worth of testimony, I must say that I am impressed thus far with Judge John Roberts. He has expertly handled the questioning of the prodding Senators and "fellow" benchwarmers. I am looking forward to viewing, or listening as the case may be, to the rest of the hearing.

    Granted, there was not a whole lot of commentary by John Roberts due to the fact that Senator Biden had inexplicable diarrhea of the face. Even Senator Specter told him to shut his beak a few times.

    Note: I say "even Senator Specter" because let's face it; calling this guy Republican is like saying Michael Moore is "big boned".


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    Monday, September 12, 2005
    With the recent disaster that was Hurricane Katrina, there has been much speculation and finger pointing by many people. I am curious as to why there is such uproar across the government as well as the public about the "What Went Wrong" scenario. Many people have chosen to play the all to familiar blame game. It seems easiest to point fingers and perhaps shift the actual blame from its origin. What would seem logical to me, and perhaps others, is to quit pointing fingers and playing the blame game and get to the root of the problem...this is America we are talking about! This is not the richest country in the world, but certainly the best and most prolific in terms of freedom as well as democracy. To say otherwise is seemingly impossible to me. Others will not share this view, but still revel in the benefits afforded them by this great country anyway.

    When I began my search, I was looking specifically for "natural disasters" and by proxy, the relief and contingency planning that is supposed to follow suit in the event of a disaster. What I found was Title 33, United States Code, Chapter 15, Section 701n. This chapter is titled: "Flood Control" and Section 701n is referred to as: "Emergency response to natural disasters". Basically the statute states that there is an emergency fund available for expenditure in the event of a natural disaster, of any type. In order for this fund to be dipped into, the determination must be made by the Governor of the affected state as to whether or not an "emergency exists or a declaration that a major disaster exists under the Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act". This determination should be a collective effort of both the Governor of the affected state as well as the Chief of Engineers. In this case, LTG Carl A. Strock. The Chief of Engineers has already stated that additional funding would not have corrected the problem, as the levees in question were already completed projects and "...the intensity of this storm simply exceeded the design capacity of this levee". Like I have said before: if you build a levee 12 feet tall, there will be a wave at least 12'1" tall to ruin your day. There are now pseudo-pundits of civil engineering that will provide an anecdote that the answer is to simply build a gigantic levee, possible of defending against all forms of hurricanes. This seems like a far-reaching compromise to me. Civil engineers actually do take the time to build these projects; there is an actual science involved in the process.

    Even the Secretary of the Army may act through the Chief of Engineers to perform his functions of coordinating reconstruction efforts, etc. There would be no need for the Secretary of the Army to act on behalf of the Chief of Engineers if the Governor does not do their job initially. At which point does the President fit into all of this? Well, I was curious as well. He is part of the approval process. For example, in Title 42, Unites States Code, Chapter 68, Subchapter II including Section 5133, there is clear reference to the fact that if the Governor of the affected state does not let the President know of the emergency and associated hazards, he cannot approve dipping into the National Predisaster Mitigation Fund. To further that line of thought, there is a great comment to a post over at blogsforbush.com stating clearly the way the government is supposed to function in the event of an unfortunate situation such as Katrina. Here is the comment:
    "In case you aren't familiar with how our government is SUPPOSED to work:
    The chain of responsibility for the protection of the citizens in New Orleans is:

    1. The Mayor
    2. The New Orleans director of Homeland Security (a political appointee of the Governor who reports to the Governor)
    3. The Governor
    4. The Head of Homeland Security
    5. The President

    What did each do?

    1. The mayor with 5 days advance, waited until 2 days before he announced a mandatory evacuation (at the behest of the President). The he failed to provide transportation for those without transport even though he had hundreds of buses at his disposal.

    2. The New Orleans director of Homeland Security failed to have any plan for a contingency that has been talked about for 50 years. Then he blames the Feds for not doing what he should have done. (So much for political appointees)

    3. The Governor, despite a declaration of disaster by the President 2 DAYS BEFORE the storm hit, failed to take advantage of the offer of Federal troops and aid. Until 2 DAYS AFTER the storm hit.

    4. The Director of Homeland Security positioned assets in the area to be ready when the Governor called for them

    5. The President, urged a mandatory evacuation, and even declared a disaster State of Emergency, freeing up millions of dollars of federal assistance, should the Governor decide to use it.

    Oh and by the way, the levees that broke were the responsibility of the local landowners and the local levee board to maintain, NOT THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.

    The disaster in New Orleans is what you get after decades of corrupt (democrat) government going all the way back to Huey Long.

    Funds for disaster protection and relief have been flowing into this city for decades, and where has it gone, but into the pockets of the politicos and their friends.

    Decades of socialist government in New Orleans has sapped all self-reliance from the community, and made them dependent upon government for every little thing.

    Political correctness and a lack of will to fight crime, have created the single most corrupt police force in the country, and has permitted gang violence to flourish.

    The sad thing is that there are many poor folks who have suffered and died needlessly because those that they voted into office failed them."
    All told, I have plenty more research to read through. What I am garnering from all of this seemingly endless stream of references (only a few cited here), is that the federal government has no reason to act in this situation unless the state and local governments a) request the assistance, or b) are inept and cannot do their jobs. With a paltry exit plan, Governor Blanco has not disappointed many with her ineptitude. Apparently, she favors the James Carville school of thought: "Don't get mad. Don't get even. Just get elected then get even." Although hard to ignore the liberal bomb throwers, I will continue to read the facts as well as the reactions of those hired to do their state a service. In this case, however, the state was failed.


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    Sunday, September 11, 2005
    On the 4-year anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, there have been plenty of programs on TV about the profiles of the terrorist scum that carried out the attacks.

    Last night, I watched a program profiling the life of Mohammad Atta; the hijacker of Flight 11. A sick, twisted individual from Egypt, this young man went through a transition of hatred towards the American way of life. What is to blame for this attitude? No one can be certain what is going through the mind of an individual bent on destruction, but one thing is certain: the Islamofascist outlook on life (which in my opinion is not valid under any circumstances...even their "religion") played a major part.

    The training provided to the twisted mindset was carried out unwittingly, by American citizens who ran legitimate businesses. In effect, the terrorists took advantage of the American way of life they are brainwashed to hate, yet previous to the attacks lived as if they were Americans. These individuals violated they very Holy law they are supposedly fighting for by indulging in activities not congruent to their own way of life. As if programmed by some entity unimaginable, the terrorists felt as if they were acting in favor of Allah. If Allah is "merciful and compassionate" as they supposedly read everyday in the Holy Koran, these attacks are not even warranted. As a matter of fact, based on firsthand experience by Zinga from Word., these misguided individuals are given three choices when dealing with hostages: care for them (which would seem the logical choice if Allah is indeed "merciful and compassionate"), release them or cut off their head. How archaic is this?

    With evidently little positive guidance, these miscreants are taught (or perhaps they choose to interpret) from an early age that this behavior is acceptable. This attitude is obviously not conducive to the American way of life, nor practiced by Americans. There is a certain notion of honor and respect involved with respect to human life in the American way of life. Plainly evident, terrorism is an ideology that should hold no ground and due to the actions of the newly liberated Iraqi people, does not hold ground. People are generally sick of terrorism as an ideology. Sick that a concept exists. Fortunately, we have people who are willing to do something about it; by taking the fight to the terrorist's doorstep.

    There has been talk about what to erect in the shadows of the Twin Towers. This should be a no-brainer. What better way to give the good old fashioned one finger salute to this failed ideology than to erect the Twin Towers in their original form on the same site? There have been proposals to permanently shoot twin beams of light into the stratosphere as if the human lives lost are easily replaced by photons. I realize that the intent is the overall representation of the Twin Towers, but being the financial capital of the world deserves no other monument than the Towers themselves.

    People from around the globe have spoken, and their collective voices shout with resilience, that terrorism is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. This, of course, takes time. Perhaps more time than some individuals are willing to commit. That is the sad truth. Given recent natural disastrous events, it is also evident that the American people can rally together for the better of a nation. While able to rebound from a second attack on the financial infrastructure of the United States, Americans are fighting a war on at least two separate fronts, all the while policing up the effects of uncontrollable natural disasters. America may not be the richest country in the world, but the people's attitude is one of which denounces attacks on her way of life.

    What we have gained and become as a nation was achieved through bloodshed and hard work; there is no mistaking that. This attitude needs to be revived every now and again thanks to individuals that show too much solidarity for a more complacent outlook, and more lenient policies. American's need to rally together as a whole (easier said than done, I realize) and rid our great nation of these threats. Don't forget that there have been attacks in the past, specifically 1993 and 2001, and try and remember where you came from. I don't care if you are Democrat or Republican, conservative or liberal; this threat is real and needs to be abolished. Thank God for those who have the intestinal fortitude to stand up and fight for what's our way of life.


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    Friday, September 09, 2005
    Yahoo! Article.

    The Nation's Washington correspondent, John Nichols has written a mud-slinging piece that Yahoo! saw fit to report for some reason. It wasn't even under the "opinion" section.

    The article details Barbara Bush's Labor Day trip to the Astrodome in Houston, Texas. I have never read John Nichols before, let alone heard of the guy. I will probably never read, nor admit to hearing of him again due to the obvious slant placed on his writing. The article was designed by Nichols to slam Bush for having money and saying things about how the people of New Orleans lucked out.

    When Barbara Bush says that the people of New Orleans lucked out from her visit to the astrodome in Houston, it is obvious to me that she is speaking of the hospitality of the people of Houston for taking in the displaced persons. It is not clear to me why Nichols (or anyone else for that matter), would print otherwise. Placing a Michael Moore type twist on things, this quote: "Everyone is so overwhelmed by the hospitality. And so many of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway, so this, this is working very well for them," is easy for Nichols to print out of context. According to Nichols, this was said moments before Barbara Bush returned to her multi-million dollar Houston home. Why liberals like to bring pay-stubs into the argument baffles me. What's wrong with just heading "home", Nichols? Is the fact that Bush and Clinton teamed up to make the Bush-Clinton Katrina fund not good for some reason?

    What if, and I am just throwing this out there as a suggestion, just what if some of the displaced persons now in the astrodome have a roof over their heads for the first time in a long time because they were underprivileged? Is that not possible? Was New Orleans really that noted (pre-hurricane) for the lowest underprivileged population? Not that I recall. Write something truthful and or worth reading for a change, please.


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    That remains to be seen. This is the story as Yahoo! sees it.

    Richard Hatch may be headed to prison for tax evasion. No saint, this Survivor "reality" show winner has had previous run-ins with the law. There was the charge of assaulting his then 9-year-old son (later dropped) and then the charge of assault on his boyfriend.

    Dick Hatch was indicted Thursday for failing to report his show winnings of $1,000,000. I wonder if he thought that he could get away with that...being on national TV and everything. Dick Hatch also forgot to report his earnings in the amount of $321,000 from a Boston radio show as well as his rental income. Going along with this theme of criminal activity, Dick Hatch seems to find himself in the midst of allegations that he used donations to his charity "Horizon Bound" to cover personal expenses. Even after winning one million he had to cover personal expenses?

    Initially charged with two counts of tax evasion in January, Dick Hatch plead guilty at first, and then backed out of the charges because he "though that CBS was supposed to pay the taxes on his winnings". If convicted on all charges, Dick Hatch is facing up to $1,000,000 in fines and up to 75 years in prison.

    Dummy. If I thought that you could afford it at this point, I would try and sell you a bridge. On a related note, although Cindy Sheehan is not a winner, it would be important for her to pay attention to cases like this.


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    Thursday, September 08, 2005
    An obvious Washington insider has just started up a great new news blog. Be sure to check it regularly for important, breaking information.


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    Iowahawk has done us all a favor and posted a New Orleans news roundup. My favorite:

    In a televised interview with CNN's Larry King, New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin today angrily criticized government response to the Katrina disaster, noting that state and federal officials had "failed to anticipate and factor in my obvious corruption and incompetence."

    "What kind of bubble do these idiots live in?" said Nagin. "For crissakes, this is New Orleans, and me, we're talking about."


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    Wednesday, September 07, 2005
    In lieu of recent comments that are borderline inane, it can be assumed that we can expect an outburst from Nancy Pelosi at least once a month. For some, "www" has strayed from its original meaning and shifted to one of "what went wrong?". The sooner that people realize the difference between federal and state governmental roles, the better. If anything, this attitude solidifies the liberal want for a broader, more controlling government.

    While a national tragedy, it's important to realize that while the head of FEMA is an executively appointed position, Katrina, because of its nature (get it?) was coming whether (get it?) anyone liked it or not. Hurricanes cannot be stopped, and certainly not created by people (even politicians). Therefore, how can one be blamed on a person? I don't see the logic. You might argue that the damage caused is what's being blamed, but that's weak and ineffective because that's not what is happening. The blame game by the left is getting old. Just so long as they keep sinking themselves, I guess that I can stand it.


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    This is but one example.

    Totally forbidden by the Koran, is the concept of "riba", or making interest on loaned money. Basically what this amounts to is in reference to any unjustifiable advantage in trade dealings, not just limited to interest. In the article, a family is buying a home, but not the way that non-Muslims do. The family is allowed to purchase the home in a sort of rent-to-own scheme via a special Muslim financial group. It is believed by Muslims that a lender shares in both profit and loss. I found a quote from the Koran that pertains to the subject:
    "Cursed be the one who accepts usury, the one who paid it, the witness to it, and the one who recorded it."
    --Abu Dawud
    I did some further research and found that in order to share in the gain/loss aspect of this system, the money must work. A savings account is not a savings account for non-Muslims, for example. Instead, the individual's money is directly invested in ventures such as construction and real estate. If the money makes money on the ventures, they must all share the gain. If the ventures lose capital, they must all deal with the loss.

    This brings me to an important thought in respect to the funding of terrorism: if these terrorists using legitimate businesses (in the United States) and foreign aid as a channel (in deference to Al-Aqsa dealings in Norway and Sweden to finance Hamas) to fund their illegitimate activities, how is that in alignment with Allah or the Koran? Surely they must know about Allah and the Koran; they are fighting in accordance with it right? So, when terrorist financiers and the terrorists themselves receive this "dirty" money, how is their cause even legitimate to begin with? Suppose the foreign aid is money that has gained interest before switching hands; isn't even accepting the money against the laws of the Koran? Seems a bit contradictory and superficial to me.


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    Harry Hutton on the joys of teaching. When I stage a violent coup and force the Pope to crown me am elected President, I will appoint him Crown Chancellor of Education.


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    With all this talk about how Bush doesn't care about black people and what not, I'm thinking he should just clear up the misunderstanding. Maybe Kanye West and crew would be satisfied if the President put up a page like this. That should end all the miscommunication.

    Karl Rove, I expect to be moved into your office by noon on Monday. There's a new political mastermind in town-- and your ass is fired.


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    Tuesday, September 06, 2005
    Nostradamus was a busy man. In fact, he predicted this very entry! Have a look:

    On the 6th day of September
    Minus the Nemesis will take chubby digits
    And type in this entry
    Behold! I am dead, but amazing!


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    Monday, September 05, 2005
    Speaking of cockfags and chromosomally challenged celebrities, may I present Sean Penn. Look dickwad, if you're really trying to rescue some hurricane victims, maybe you shouldn't load your second hand 14 foot john boat with a PR team, complete entourage, and personal photographer. I don't know, just a thought you meglomanical America hating fucktard.

    Oh yeah Sean, between you and me I saw some Haliburton execs slinking around your boat last night with a corkscrew. Don't let them keep you down brother.


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    Thank you, Kanye, for exhbit #8,274,653 proving that pop stars are total fucking retards that shouldn't speak even if spoken to. Your country salutes you for your service.


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    Andy Borowitz wrote this entertaining piece on the state of Hanoi Jane Fonda's bus tour. Little did she know that a nuclear powered pro-war bus, driven by Mel Gibson, was hot on her tail! At any rate, check out Andy's site every now and then...there are some funny anecdotes on there from time to time.

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    Sunday, September 04, 2005
    A 33-year veteran of the Supreme Court, William H. Rehnquist passed away today. Rehnquist, appointed by Nixon in 1972, oversaw the Supreme Court's conservative shift, presided the Bush vs. Gore case (what a waste) and presided over the Clinton impeachment trial; overall, a very impressive career. While sad that the octogenarian had to pass, this unfortunate event gives President Bush a very rare, second vacancy to fill in the Supreme Court. For the time being, the liberal Associate Chief Justice (basically the second in command of the Supreme Court) John Paul Stevens will take charge. It will be interesting to see who gets nominated for the second vacancy.

    Nemesis is still praying for Andrew P. Napolitano to be appointed. Maybe this is your day, Nemesis.

    *Note: As of this amended writing, Bush has nominated John Roberts for the position of Chief Justice. Justice Sandra Day O'Connor said that she would not retire until her replacement was named.


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